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Review of domestic acetate Market

Ethyl acetate

On June 3, the negotiation in East China was around 5950-6050 yuan / ton, that in South China was around 6100-6200 yuan / ton, and that in North China was around 5900-6000 yuan / ton. At present, downstream users maintain low purchasing, some businesses operate passively, the trading atmosphere is still cold, the market lacks favorable support, and the short-term market is weak.


Butyl acetate

Today, the negotiations in East China are around 10300-10400 yuan / ton, those in South China are around 10600-10700 yuan / ton, and those in North China are around 10400 yuan / ton. The market transaction center is on the low end, and the current market is declining rapidly, which has affected the purchasing attitude of users to a certain extent. The overall trading atmosphere of the market is light, and the short-term market continues to operate in a weak position.

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