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Resource tax should not be ignored

The reform of resource tax, of course, should be supported by both hands. To tolerate an extensive and low-cost resource exploitation is to connive at a predatory and unsustainable development mode. No one will object to this.

However, many people are still skeptical about the resource tax pilot that has been started. It is not the attitude and path of such reform, but the pace and intensity of such action——

First of all, we see that the adjusted resource tax rate is still low. Although the original volume based resource tax has been increased several times, due to the soaring oil price, the tax rate in terms of price is less than 1%. Although the pilot tax rate in Xinjiang has been increased to 5%, it is still far from the 12.5% in the UK, 16.5% in Russia and 14.6% in the United States. Some people will say that reform needs a process, and it is impossible to become a fat man by stuttering. However, we can see that while the resource tax is raised, the relevant departments have also "lost no time" in raising the price of natural gas by 25%. The relevant departments explained that this is an arrangement after balancing the interests of all parties, while ye Tan, a financial commentator, said it was a "appeasement" policy.


Wuhan Weishi packaging Material Co., LTD

Our company also attaches great importance to waste pollution produced in the process of production. In 2016, we introduced a large sewage treatment equipment, which not only completely eliminates the discharge of waste water, but also enables the reuse of water after purification, thus achieving real environmental protection treatment.

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