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Last year, pollution reduction continued to decline

As the 39th World Environment Day is approaching, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a bulletin on the state of the environment in China in 2009.

From the communique, we can be gratified to see that, in response to the challenges of the international financial crisis, China's environmental protection step has been more firm, the implementation of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" environmental protection plan has met the progress requirements, some indicators have been over fulfilled, and we are steadily moving forward towards the goal of environmental protection planning.

Pollution reduction continues to maintain "double decline"

This year is the eleventh five year plan. Compared with the next year, whether the constraint target of reducing the total emission of major pollutants by 10% can be completed is the focus of social concern.

According to the communique, the total emission of chemical oxygen demand in 2009 was 12.775 million tons, down 3.27% over the previous year; the total emission of sulfur dioxide was 22.144 million tons, 4.60% lower than that of the previous year, which continued to maintain a good trend of double decline.

It has been noted that compared with 2005, China's chemical oxygen demand and total sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 9.66% and 13.14% respectively in 2009, and the emission reduction target of sulfur dioxide in the eleventh five year plan was achieved one year ahead of schedule, which laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive completion of the emission reduction target of the eleventh five year plan.

The achievement of achievements has benefited from strong measures. According to Zhang Lijun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, last year, the Ministry of environmental protection decided to return the EIA documents of 49 projects with a total investment of 190.5 billion yuan, refuse to approve or suspend the approval. At the same time, special law enforcement activities were carried out in high pollution industries. 1824 construction projects were not approved and 3167 projects were not implemented according to the "three Simultaneities" requirements, and rectification was urged to be in place.



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Our company also attaches great importance to waste pollution produced in the process of production. In 2016, we introduced a large sewage treatment equipment, which not only completely eliminates the discharge of waste water, but also enables the reuse of water after purification, thus achieving real environmental protection treatment.

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